Advantages and Benefits

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Sound Investment  |  Green Technology  |  Health and Comfort  |  Advanced Engineering


Sound Investment

  • Greatly reduced energy consumption costs
  • Cost Saving flexible design, fast & simple construction
  • Higher resale value / lower insurance premiums
  • Maintenance free – impervious to mould, mildew, rot & infestation
  • Structural superiority eliminates traditional foundations, framing and associated costs
  • Build once – capable of withstanding the most hostile and demanding environments
  • Build anywhere, anytime – capable of building the entire envelope quickly from below grade up to and including the roof. Excellent for winter and remote construction



Sound Investment

Building with NACSI  AC Panels enables you to start saving money today ~ and continue to save for  as long as you enjoy your ACP home.  By removing traditional framing and insulation costs we've  created a new pricing equation, then added the savings from reducing or eliminating the cost of concrete.  Speed of construction is incomparable to traditional stick built methods, or even standard SIP builds that still require framing.  NACSI AC Panels arrive on site ready for immediate assembly and require no heavy equipment to aid in installation.

When reviewing our thermal resistance values (R-values) you will immediately understand the exceptional savings to be realized on energy costs.  Our 2” internal wall panels exceed R-12,  effectively creating an insulating envelope in every room in the building.  Thermal bridging in exterior walls and corners was removed with the timber framing.  Our assembly process uses no wood splines, metal channels or other components that allow thermal bridging to occur.  NACSI AC Panels provide an airtight, highly insulated building envelope that requires significantly smaller HVAC systems.

NACSI AC Panels are maintenance free and are impervious to mould, rot and infestation.  Various fire resistant protocols can be made available for all standard AC panels, and the fire retardant ratings of our surface resins effectively make each room a fire containment zone. Structural superiority provides the design flexibility of open planning and cathedral ceilings, and the comfort and security to weather the toughest storms.  Advantageous terms from your lender, lower insurance premiums, higher resale values.  Speak to your architects, engineers and builders about NACSI AC Panels...then contact us to discuss your project.

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Green Technology

  • Manufactured from natural fibre matrices and proprietary organic enviro-resins
  • Manufactured through a carbon reduced and pollutant free process
  • Reduced carbon footprint in manufacturing, transport and build/assembly
  • Greatly reduced HVAC / Heating requirements and associated greenhouse gas emissions
  • Natural Jute plant fibres  – no trees cut
  • All manufacturing materials 100% recyclable
  • Extended product life cycle – build once, build for life or disassemble and rebuild



Green Solution

Environmentally friendly engineering is more than a priority, it's our mission.  It's obvious in our materials – natural fiber matrices woven from Jute, a commercially grown crop and a plant that provides a continuous fiber strength exceeding standard E-glass by 50% under stress.  Our enviro-resins are organic polymer based.  The PIR foam can be ground down and built into new products, thereby making NACSI AC Panels 100% recyclable. The high performance insulation properties greatly reduce energy requirements and their associated emissions over the entire life of the panel.  But we haven't stopped there...

Wheres the wood?  In the forest, where it belongs, because we've eliminated the need for timber framing.  We can reduce or eliminate the need for concrete as well, and the emissions generated by it's manufacture and delivery.  When considering transport, the  NACSI  AC Panels are so light – they float!  Two able bodied persons can comfortably raise, position and place one of our 6” (4'x10') Exterior Wall Panels by hand.

The extended life cycle of our panels ensures you build once. NACSI AC Panels are fully finished and require no exterior or interior coverings for protection, no roof shingles or tiles.  How you decide to finish your home will be through your choice, not by necessity.  From our manufacturing processes through to the end of the product life-cycle, we've attempted to address every aspect of how to make our product the most environmentally friendly choice.

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Health and Comfort

  • Impervious to mould, mildew, rot and infestation
  • Impervious to moisture and air
  • Odour free and no off gasses
  • Superior acoustic envelope
  • Fire Resistant and non-combustible
  • Structurally superior in protecting persons and property from Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Flooding and other natural disasters
  • Panel is a vapour barrier reducing discomfort from humid, moist and damp climactic conditions



Healthy Alternative

NACSI AC Panels provide a lifetime of comfort through their high performance structural and insulating properties and are also the healthy building choice.  Our AC Panels are impermeable to air and moisture, and are therefore impervious to mould, rot and infestation. We also provide acoustic harmony, our 2” Interior Wall Panels have an STC rating of 54.  A rating of 40 is considered the onset of privacy.  The fire retardant values of our panels provide added peace of mind to the knowledge that you have chosen a healthy, comfortable and maintenance free solution. 

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Advanced Engineering

  • Panel is a rigid, uniform, solid assembly component, making each a monolithic structure
  • Panel is impervious to and contains no air or moisture, making it impermeable (they float)
  • The resin infusion manufacturing process creates integral I Beams within the panel, providing an unprecedented strength to weight ratio
  • End to end assembly creates a new I Beam at each attachment point, reinforcing edge strength and speeding build times
  • Enviro-Resin matrices are adaptable to any interior/exterior finishing options, plumbing & conduit requirements.
  • Structural Superiority eliminates wood framing and replaces concrete foundations/slabs



Advanced Technology

Imagine a home carved from a solid block of granite, where the roof and walls share structural strength  in equal proportions...this is what we mean by “Monolithic Structure”.  When you build with NACSI AC Panels the results are the same.  Each panel has an integrated I Beam interior structure surrounded by PIR foam and interwoven with natural fiber matrices which produces a solid, rigid, uniform body.  Our End to End and Step Assembly methods use adhesives to create one solid, uniform structure.  This adds up to unparalleled performance in tensile strength, UDL loading (snow loads) and wind loads - without the need for structural internal framing.  The NACSI 6” Exterior Wall Panel has been certified as capable of sustaining wind loads of 7.33 kPa.  The highest wind loads in Canada as per NBC tables is 1.41 kPa (29.44 lbs/ft^2) for Resolute Bay at 1/100 occurrences.  All NACSI AC Panels are certified as exceeding NBC of Canada requirements (see specifications & certifications)  and offer a lifetime of secure, maintenance free comfort.

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